More Musicology

I write about music and technology in historical perspective at my blog, Spooky & the Metronome.

February 2016: my essay “The Robot’s Mixtape” in issue 3 of Even Magazine.

foto-art-or-sound_bookshopArt or Sound, a book published Fondazione Prada in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name, includes my essay, “Marvelous Illusions: Visual and Musical Beauty from the Renaissance through the 18th Century.” An excerpt from the essay (in Italian translation) also appeared in the Italian classical music magazine Amadeus.

The Museum of Imaginary Musical Instruments is a web-based collection of imaginary musical instruments from antiquity to the present, which I co-curate with Thomas Patteson. Our essay for The Public Domain Review, “Cat Pianos, Sound-Houses, and Other Imaginary Musical Instruments,” explores what the history of imaginary musical instruments can teach us.